Advisory & Planning

Creating a strategic business plan is a key element of your success. Not only does focusing your attention to a clear plan improve your own understanding of core business practices and needs, but it also will signal to investors, bankers and other key associates your past achievements but also your future goals. A long-range strategic plan is an essential element for your continued growth.

Elements of this business plan includes everything from your vision and mission statement to product development, marketing, financial planning and assessment of both your opportunities ad risk factors.

Business & Commercialization

CTG is here to assist you in increasing your business’ exposure to the global marketplace, and increase your revenue through our established contacts and experience. We know the ins and outs of regulatory and licensing practices, and help you navigate your process in order to overcome many of these challenges in entering the international markets.

Other services included in this are our abilities in trade and distribution services, helping you establish global joint venture partnerships and much more.

Partnership Management

We assist companies find reliable, established venture partnerships for everyone’s mutual benefit. This includes not only shared ownership, but shared returns and risks as well as shared governance. With our experience we can mitigate those risks, and assist one another in order to enhance our returns and opportunities, while sharing our experience. 

These services also include planning for possible mergers and acquisitions, as well as working out licensing partnerships and technology transfers. We’re here to help you make the most of these opportunities. Together.

New Market Product Launch

Launching a product in a new market can be treacherous, especially if the marketplace is global. Besides tackling the regulatory issues facing such launches, we are experienced in supporting all aspects of this process from having access to established trade and distribution channels to understanding the myriad marketing requirements for both new products and new markets.

Launching a product for a new market is not just an event. It’s a complex, delicate process with unique challenges. And unique opportunities.

Global Strategy

Our experienced consultants harness a unique toolkit, various proprietary information networks and sync them with proven methodologies to formulate and implement open innovation, market development and business intelligence solutions for our wide global clientele.

Our expert core staff as well as the members of our global consult network provide unlimited experience and exceptional resources in both developed and emerging markets. 

We create clear bottom-line results for our clients, empowering them with our collective insights, unique tools as well as sustainable commercial opportunities to push their business to the next level and beyond.

CTG excels not only in research, evaluation and qualification of products, but equally with technologies, organizations, and information. Our specialty is finding global opportunities that fly under the radar, or are otherwise undetectable by conventional methods. This intelligence is analyzed, qualified and delivered to our clients in the form of actionable business information and as clear commercial opportunities, providing them with time-sensitive advantages over competitors.